Comedy Shows

The Dominatrix of Ditties is a nationally touring musical comedian that “whips” up laughs with sexy, refreshingly unique, and fun musical comedy shows about the swinging and BDSM lifestyle.

The show is a collection of her experiences, many of which will be shared by you: becoming a nudist, getting into swinging, deciding between soft swap and full swap, being straight vs. being bi, experimenting with BDSM, all while hiding this secret life from her family and friends! Listen and laugh while she shares her sexual experiences that span private encounters, swing clubs and conventions, house parties, dungeons, and cruise ships – all with hilariously disastrous results!

Erotic Hypnosis

You know The Dominatrix of Ditties did musical comedy about the lifestyle – but now she’s added an XXX-rated Erotic Hypnosis Comedy Show to the lineup! You and your friends can experience the benefits of hypnosis – and be the start of the show – in this crazy, sexy hypnosis show! You will find yourself doing things you never dreamed of doing.

The Dominatrix of Ditties started learning about hypnosis to improve her own sex life, and decided to share what she learned for both entertainment and therapeutic purposes. She’s also available for private hypnosis sessions, whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or simply enhance your sex life with enhanced performance and more orgasms.

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Female Performer/DJ of the Year





What Others In The Lifestyle Are Saying

“The Dominatrix of Ditties has a deft, light, delightful, naught, and insightful window into kinky sex fun. She had me laughing through the whole set (the one @Viagra was worth the price of admission). It’s rare that a ‘civilian’ performer gets the humor and silliness of having sex for either a living or a hobby. Bravo!”

Nina Hartley

Porn Star & Sex Educator

“Hair like Chewbacca. Funny!”

Ron Jeremy

Porn Star

“What an amazing show! She totally rocks the house! One of the best lifestyle performers we have ever seen. Don’t miss her show. She’s absolutely hysterical.”


SLS eXchange Hotel Takeovers

“She is extremely talented! Her musical talent is phenomenal as she weaves funny stories, comical songs, and jokes seamlessly. She is very straight forward and direct. We think she is awesome!”

G.A. Horn Dogs

SLS eXchange Hotel Takeovers

We caught this lady’s act on the Bliss cruise this year, and we laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe! She says all the things that you were too polite to say int he lifestyle, and the she adds a bunch of humorous songs – definitely a can’t miss show!”

Naughty Nurse & Dirty Doc

SLS eXchange Hotel Takeovers

“Where the Hell is my Crown Royal?”


Hub City Select

Where’s the Dominatrix of Ditties going to be?

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